Historical sales and purchases report by client/supplier

I used the historical sales and purchases which list everything in date order and by currency.
I wish to print report by Customer/ Supplier. Is there an option in quickfile now? Please advice.


Hi @abidali.ibrahim

There isn’t a report that would do this on a client by client basis unfortunately.

What you could do is generate the historical report, as you’ve already done, and export to a CSV file:

CSV files can be opened in spreadsheet software such as Excel so you can customise it a a suitable view. For example, by using the filter options:

And then using the filters:

However, we can consider adding an option to group by client/supplier in the future.

I hope this helps

Thanks for the advice. I exactly doing this way. But tired of doing so.
Please include this feature which would save lot of time for us.

Many thanks