HMRC haven't received my VAT Return

I submitted by VAT return on Quickfile and linked and bridged everything to HMRC, but they say they never got it and therefore didn’t take payment.
How can I resolve this ? can i resubmit it??

Hi @Diamondgeezer,

If the return is showing as Saved on your QuickFile account then you will need to roll this back in order to be able to re-submit the return.

You’ll need to make sure that all of your settings are correct for allowing online submission and linked to your HMRC account for MTD.

Once you have double checked your settings you will be able to go to Reports > HMRC ets to generate and submit.

ok ive rolled back
now what?

Once you’ve rolled it back, you will be able to resubmit the return. @QFBeth outlined this above.

Providing your HMRC and QuickFile accounts are connected, go to Reports >> HMRC to resubmit the return.

OK I think I’m there

'VAT Return Submitted!

'Receipt of your VAT return has been acknowledged by HMRC.
Receipt ID: 390ab75d-3ef7-496d-9a90-82b2d2cef8f7 ’

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Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

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