HMRC - No data could be retrieved

Hi Does anyone know what this message means?

HMRC have indicated that no data could be retrieved for this VRN (xxxx).


Hello @alfi82

This may indicate that there’s an issue with the link between your QuickFile account and HMRC.

Have you successfully enrolled on MTD, and received confirmation from them? If you log into the same HMRC account, do you have a section for MTD?

yes all done form my side…

I would advise to speak with HMRC VAT Helpline in this instance. If everything is set up correctly and with the correct HMRC account, there may be an issue on their end.

Please do let us know how you get on though, and if we can help further

Hi @alfi82,

Just a follow up - did you manage to get in touch with HMRC and resolve your issue?

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