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HMRC - VAT - MTD - Failing


Hi, I am trying to submit my VAT return using the MTD feature.

I have added my HMRC account and can see 2 submission dates available for VAT, 1 is Dec to Feb (the current one) and Mar to May.

When I try and submit the current period return I get the following error.

Vat return submission failed.

Please file the VAT return for the period begining: 01/03/2019

But that period is a future one not the current one.

Help please.


Hi Martin,

I may be reading this wrong but from what you are saying it sounds like the current period has already been submitted if it is only asking you for the future period?

You may need to roll back on QuickFile so that it picks up the earlier date?



Hi, I have tried to roll back and do the vat return again but still the same error.




I have sent you a message for further information to get this issue resolved for you

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