Hold funds on client account option on credit notes


At the moment when creating credit notes, we do not see the option to hold funds on client account?
How do we turn this on?

I presume this is the same issue with supplier credit notes as well?

Thanks for your help.


QuickFile gives the option to hold funds on account when you create a credit note starting from the “more options” button on a paid-up invoice, but not when you credit an unpaid invoice or when you create an “ad hoc” credit note by just making a new invoice with a negative value. I understand there are technical reasons why it works like this but I don’t work for QuickFile so I don’t know the full details.

Hi @EDJos,

We are currently in the testing stage for Purchase Credit notes to hold the funds on the account. We aren’t looking at supplier credit notes just yet.

So what @ian_roberts has said is how it works at the moment

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