How can I adjust my current account total?

So i’ve been using QuickFile for a few years but never really properly integrating bank accounts. I’ve started to hook my current account up to it now so I can keep track of payments, but the balance in QF is waaaaaaaaaaay more than in my account! Is there a way I can get them to tally up?

Yes. Delete duplicate entries or add missing ones. Check original opening balance

Hi @Stuart_Reid

You could create a journal to move the balance to the correct nominal codes. While this would adjust the balance, you would need to know the nominals to transfer the balance to.

The other option is to manually clean up the bank account and add in any missing entries and remove any duplicates.

Just to clarify, do you mean that you started using QF without setting an opening balance and now want to make your current account balance?

The quick and dirty hack is to set up a dummy account and transfer the required amount. That is totally wrong in accounting terms but I would suggest doing it anyway to get the current account correct before you start playing with journals (I always make a total dog’s breakfast of them). I have absolutely no idea what the correct nominal for retrospectively setting the opening balance is, hopefully somebody else can advice.

FolkLondon, that’s exactly right. I’ll do the dummy account thing, thanks.

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