How can I attach Receipt PDFs to Invoice

My main Customer does not want access to Dashboard so invoices are sent as PDF attachment to e mail, which works fine except when I have receipts for expenses which do not get sent as PDF…any ideas ?

It’s not possible to attach additional documents to invoices or estimates and I’m afraid this is not something we plan to support, primarily because allowing users to send multiple files over email can be slow and consumes a lot of our bandwidth.

Is there any reason why your client doesn’t want to follow the invoice link, it’s one click and they will be able to see and download anything they need?

The other option is to upload any documents to your document management area, grab the links and embed then in your invoice notes/description.

If I used your snail mail facility would the receipt PDFs be copied and sent ?

I’m afraid not, the partner we use (iMail) has some restrictions on the number of pages that can be included so it’s not feasible to include attachments. Some users attach 100 page documents to their invoices.

The options at this stage (excluding the dashboard) is to add the links to the email body or within the notes/description on the invoices. I’d say including it in the email body would be the way to go.

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