How can I change the email address my emails are sent from?


When I send a email to my customers the above shows in the from part of the email.

Is there any way of changing this, as it has come to light that one of our customers sent emails to this address, but I wasn’t aware of this, and couldn’t find the email anywhere within the programme.

Thank you

Hi @Ali74

When we send emails, by default we send them from but state a reply-to address which is stated on your account under Account Settings >> Routine Emails. Providing your clients click “Reply”, the emails will go straight to the address on your account.

The way to change this would be to use your own SMTP server. You can set this up by going to Account Settings >> 3rd Party Integration >> SMTP Settings. We’ll send a verification email to you, and once this has been confirmed, all emails will be sent through your own mail server.

Hope this helps.

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