How can I change the QF or CN number

I’m entering some purchases and credit notes for our company, but we have our own numbers for these things in a different format from QFnnnnn and CNnnnnn. Is it possible to change these now that they have been entered? So far the text boxes don’t seem to want to be edited.


I can edit the QF / CN numbers…

List the purchases in Purchase Management, click on the relevant receipt number, which will then open up that record, click on ‘modify’ from the top horizontal menu and modify the number, and select save purchase from the button at the bottom of the page.

You can also choose any number you like when you first create a new purchase, simply delete the automatically generated number and type in your own unique number :smile:

Hmm; I’ve done exactly that with Purchases, but the QF number doesn’t turn yellow when I click on it, while the Supplier Reference and other editable fields do. This seems to be the same whether the Purchase is marked paid or not - are there different feature sets at all? This is a limited company account set up in the last month.

The QF number is an internal reference for purchases and cannot be modified. Is there any reason you want to modify this?

Mainly because I’m putting our existing accounting information into QuickFile to make it much easier to report, and we have expense IDs that have been used to identify purchases in the past.

In this case I would recommend entering these references in the notes section or supplier ref. field.

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