How can I edit the date of a bad debt?

I have marked 2 invoices down using the Bad Debt write off feature. However, I have since realised that I made this journal entry in the wrong financial year and now I cannot edit the bad debt journal entries as they are locked.

How do I unlock these to change the year of the transaction?


Hi @yerma

You should be able to unlock it. Locks are usually put in place by either VAT returns, or by the year end tool.

Are you able to give me your account number please, and I’ll take a quick look for you?

yes our account number is: 6131417100

I’ve just taken a quick look, but I can’t see any journals on your account?

Is there a way to PM you? I just added the two bad debt records today!

Yes - click my avatar, and click ‘Message’.

I can see the bad debts, but I can’t see the locked journals you referred to

Check the 8100 Nominal account

I would like to change the date on the bad debt records. journal may have been the wrong term to use :smiley:

Just double checking this with a colleague - bear with me :slight_smile:

thanks so much! BTW awesome response times - very impressed with QuickFile!

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I’ve just double checked with a colleague. You would need to cancel and re-do the bad debt:

On the invoice, go to ‘More Options’, and select ‘Cancel bad debt’:

And then re-do the bad debt operation:

And select the appropriate date:

However, I’ve run this on my own account, and it does create an entry to reverse this today.

I think as you’ve entered the original bad debt entry today, it should be fine. However, I’m not an accountant so it’s always worth checking with them to be sure.


can’t believe I didn’t spot that.

Brilliant, thanks.

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