How can I get 1 to 1 Screen sharing support?

I want to pay for a specialist to help me get through some hurdles as I go VAT registered

Hi @Paul_Cheetham

QuickFile don’t offer that type of support but you may find there is an accountant that uses QuickFile who, if you pay for their services, can help you?

Hi Beth this is where I always get stuck, I already have an accountant but he doesn’t know quickfile, he wants me to move over to quickbooks. I like quickfile who I’ve been with for years, but I can’t get the quick real time support I need to get over some hurddles, typically it takes me hours to sort out a single issue when I can sort multiple issues within a single 30 minute calls, as I’ve found with Quickbooks.

Also note the video tutorials for quickfile of seriously lacking

The support team are available during office hours Monday-Friday you can private message @QFSupport with any screenshots etc if needed.

What are the hurdles? you can either ask the questions on this thread or if you feel they contain sensitive information then you’re welcome to send a private message

I need a full onboarding session, I’ve only ever used QuickFile for invoices

How do I get my expenses out of Quickbooks and Payroll into Quickfile?

Hi @Paul_Cheetham

Are you just setting up your QuickFile account and moving over from QuickBooks?

If so, it may be easier to set your opening balances from a set date, imported from QuickBooks

How would I do that?

I have journal entries that need to be imported as the payroll for quickbook created them

You would export a trial balance from Quick Books and then import this to QuickFile.

We have a guide for this, including screenshots, which may help -

I want to start from scratch, get everything into quickfile, I started my limited company in November and have 3 months worth of payroll to go in

The payroll wouldn’t be relevant if you’re importing a trial balance. The trial balance would include all these figures when they set the “Opening Balances” for you.

So rather than entering previous data, the trial balance would just set the balances.

That said, if you only started your company in November 2020, if you only have a small number of records, you can manually copy these across. Things like clients, suppliers and so on, would be downloading and importing CSV files.

What data is in your QuickBooks account? E.g. do you have many invoices or bank records?

I have more invoices in quickfile than expenses in quickbooks, over 100 invoices

I’ve used quickbooks payroll, now I need to change over to the payroll company

I just want to pay someone so that I know I’ve done it right, are you saying I need to change accountants to use Quickbooks? or do I need to become an expert in quickbooks all by my self? I just want to know what are my Options?

There are accountants on here who would probably be willing to spend time with you to help for a fee.

You don’t need to switch accountants, you can pay them just to help you with the migration. Why don’t you message some of them listed in the quickfile accountants directory?

It would save you a lot of time.

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Thank you, I will do that :+1:

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