How can I link quickfile account with Santander Business account?

Is there a feature that helps merge Quickfile to my Business account, so that all transactions automatically show in Quickfile? If so, how do I use it?

Also, how do I change my invoices so that there is an option to pay in straight away to my Business account?

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There is a browser plugin which you can install that when you log into your bank i think santander is one of the supported one it will sync your bank transactions into quickfile

i will try post how to do it later or another user might post it before me but it can be done

Click on account setting then all settings

scroll down to 3rd party apps

look for chrome bank import plugin

in there take note of the key it gives you an maek sure it is enabled.

then click ont eh chrome extension page this iwll guide you through the rest

Our bank feed plugin supports Santander, this is not fully automated but will allow you to export statement directly from Santander into your QuickFile account.

Santander (Like most banks) don’t have an open web service that 3rd party applications can use for importing statement data, so I’m afraid there is no fully automatic way of doing this.

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