How can I see profit for just one year?

Is there any way in which Quickfile can only show the profit for the year you want to know the profit for? As currently its showing both last/this year’s profit together…


Hi @SamairaPervaiz

You can view your profit for any time period you wish using the profit & loss report. It can be found under Reports:

Hope that helps!

I was referring to the balance sheet.

In the Capital and Reserves section it displays your total profit/loss from beginning of the time. I only want it to display for this accounting period only. Any WAY of doing that?


There isn’t a way to do it on the balance sheet, but you could take a look at the Chart of Accounts (also under Reports). You can set a date range there too.

You need to close your accounting years to journal over the P&L balances to reserves.

Simplified year-end tool

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Awesome @Glenn Thanks

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