How can I see the supplier prepayments?


I have just noticed a few prepayments when I ran a creditors report which I had forgotten about.
Is there a way to backtrack the amount showing where and when it came into being?

i just want to make sure they are not on there by error before I short pay someone :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance as always.

Hi @w9gga

What you can do is go to the Supplier Managment screen, click Advanced Search, tick the Prepayments box and submit it:

This will then show you a complete list of prepayments against the suppliers:

For each supplier you can then click the View menu within the supplier detail screen and select the “All payments” option. This will show a list of all payments associated to that supplier, you can then filter those that are unallocated and drill down on the detail.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the suggestion. That however, only shows what the creditors report shows…an amount.
I was hoping to see when it was created and what the circumstances were.

One single entry is easy to find but if the grand total owed consists of multiple credits it is very difficult to unravel.

You can drill down into each supplier as per my post above, or you can go to Suppliers (on the top menu) >> View payments, and set up an Advanced Search for ‘Unallocated’ payments. These would be the ones sat on a suppliers account as a prepayment.

The same applies with clients too

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Perfect - that shows the date it was created so very helpful to cross reference with emails etc.

Thank you!

In addition to this in which case, it looks like there is a section for narrative which I could use for notes so that I don’t forget in future. Where do I get access to write something in?

The instance I am looking at in our accounts is because my colleague actually paid the wrong supplier. Therefore rather than asking for it back and because they are a regular supplier I tagged the amount to show as a prepayment. I can’t remember seeing a narrative box to record in though?

No problem! :slight_smile:

You can add a note to a supplier’s account by going to the bottom of their view, and clicking ‘Add’ in the notes section:

This then appears whenever you view that supplier’s information.

I was hoping to attach the note to the prepayment specifically? This section showing the date and amount suggest I can…

The Narrative heading you see there is relating more to the system notes (such as allocated to invoice #QF0001), like these:

or like these:

Which can be added when the invoice is marked as paid:

There isn’t a way to add notes to a specific payment at the moment without allocating it to an invoice

OK thanks anyway. I’m sure the notes section you pointed out earlier is a decent work around.


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