How can I set up quickfile to "count" invoices based on when they are paid - not when they are issued


I am still fairly new to quickfile, though much more familiar after a couple of months of use.

One thing I still can’t figure out is

How can I set up Quickfile to “count” invoices based on when they are paid - not when they are issued?

For instance I issued an invoice end of 2020, but it was paid 2021.
Consequently I want it to “belong” to 2021 - not 2020.

Currently Quickfile files it under 2020 (when issuing reports etc.)

Can anyone help me with this please?

Many thanks!

All the reports in QuickFile are on accruals basis, based on invoice dates. The exception is of one of the advanced reports (not on the reports menu, you have to click through to the main reports page and scroll down) that is an example of the kind of “periodic report” that will eventually be required when MTD for income tax goes live, this one you can choose to generate on cash basis.

Ian, thank you for your help!

Not exactly what I was hoping for if I’m honest, since it would be great to have both options for all reports, but I guess it is what it is…

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