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How can I stop automatic bank tagging?


I need help with Auto Bank Tagging , I cant get it to stop ! Automatic bank feeds come in and everything is tagged and somethings are put into Journals so I feel like I dont know where anything is. Its all a bit of a mess really, If I could turn the auto tagging off it would be a start .

Help! Ive read everything on this supject and am now going crazy !



Hi @jools

If you go to Banking >> Bank tagging rules, you can manage all your tagging rules and whether or not they should be autotagged or not.

If you turn “Auto tagging” to off, this will flag each transaction for review to be manually confirmed, so this may help. The rules will still run, but not complete.

Regarding the journals - what are you seeing with these exactly? The only things that are tagged as a journal as standard are wages. Unless you have any other rules set up as a journal, they should be tagged as per the rules you set.

I hope this helps




When I go to bank tagging rules there is nothing there , so nothing to turn off, the Journals seem to be wages and bank payments paid into the bank.



If there are no bank tagging rules, then nothing should be automatically tagged.
Just to confirm - there are no bank tagging rules, but you’re still seeing transactions tagged automatically?

With wages however, these are posted as a journal when tagged as they can be extended with other elements such as national insurance payments etc.



Thats right the bank feed comes in and everything is already tagged .



Let me send you a private message so we can take a closer look. Please look for the notification in the top right hand corner shortly.


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