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How do i access my quickfile email address

Just set up quickfile as was given a quickfile email address how to I access it to retrive password as have been logged out as went to lunch? thanks

HI @lilaclady

Does the email address end in “@post.quickfile.co.uk”?


Hi @lilaclady

Thanks for your reply.

These are dummy email addresses for the purpose of allowing you to have multiple accounts for 1 login via Affinity. They don’t exist.

If this is an admin on an account, any system emails will instead go to the administrator of the Affinity account.

There’s some more information on this here: QuickFile Affinity overview

sorry I still don’t understand how I can access the account I set up, the quickfile-affinity email populated itself when I signed up with a hidden password when I put in my personal email address for a password recovery it says not valid, I am the only person involved in the account was just trying to set up a new company to run along side the partnership I already run as far as I am aware have not yet linked them together

Hi @lilaclady

If it’s set up with an Affinity email address, it would suggest the account is linked to QuickFile Affinity (https://affinity.quickfile.co.uk). The Affinity email address doesn’t exist, so there’s no way to access it.

Did you set up the account yourself, or did someone do it on your behalf (e.g. an accountant)?

I set it up this morning myself just went to lunch and it logged out, so need to be able to log back in I saved the log in page to my favourites but didn’t realise i either needed to change email or find the password they used

just used your link above and managed to log in thanks

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If it’s just the one account you have, it may be better to use it as a standalone account rather than through Affinity.

Let me send you a private message and we’ll take a look for you.

The quickfile-affinity “address” isn’t a normal login with a password, it’s more like a token that represents the affinity user within the individual QuickFile accounts for the purpose of assigning permissions etc. With affinity you log in to the main affinity dashboard using your real email address and then link from there into the individual QuickFile accounts that are attached to that affinity login - you don’t enter the quickfile-affinity thing as a login name directly.

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