How do I create a project

I have tried to create a project by clicking on the Create Project tab but all I get is the pop up to tell me how this works, I am unable to actually create a project!

Has anyone ay ideas?

As soon as you add a tag to any invoice, quotation or purchase a project will be created automatically.

How to add a project tag

Thanks Glen for your help. I hope I am not being particularly dense here but when entering an invoice I cannot see anywhere where you can add a tag! Is there something I need to enable in order to see this feature?

Are you using the newer invoice template style? The well to tell, is do you have a little green box in the top left corner when you preview an invoice?

If not, you need to upgrade first.

If you do have the green box, hover your mouse over the top right hand side of the invoice itself and the project tag feature will be visible.

Found it, many thanks

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