How do I Customise my email templates?

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First of all can I just say that QF is top class. Just getting set up now and very impressed with it, so thumbs up to Glenn and all the others involved.

Is there a way to edit the size of my Company name, and edit the blue bar on all the emails that go out. I would like to have my logo, or make the Company name text smaller. Also the blue bar in the email I would like to change to red. Is this possible?


I believe you can edit things like this with the Power User Subscription. It wouldn’t be a direct edit, but I suppose you could edit the CSS and set the size of the elements (e.g. the logo), and the colour on the emails

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Thank you for your positive comments, I will pass this on to Glenn and the team.

You can certainly customise the appearance of all your email correspondence in the way you describe however you will require a Power User Subscription to do this. With this subscription you have access to the Advanced Customisation tools, these tools allow you to directly edit the HTML and change parts of the system in various ways.

The specific template you need to look at is the Email Wrapper template:

Email Wrapper HTML

If the changes are very simple (which I think in your case they are) then we may be able to help with the changes, this may be useful for you if you don’t know HTML.

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