How do I delete a locked journal

how can i delete a locked journal?

First you need to establish why it’s locked? Have you closed an accounting period ahead of the journal?

Hi Glen, yes i think i may have done so, i have tried to delete the journal but cannot, i have imported my bank statement i thought this may correct it, i have a balance on QF that does not correspond with my bank, im a bit wet behind the ears when it comes to this software so may have done something i shouldn’t, is there any way i can rectify this, or will i have to reset my account, and if i do so will i lose all invoices and estimates i have in the system, would deleting the bank account and reinstating fix it?

In account settings look for the “account lock date” option. I can see you have a lock for 01/04/2013. Removing this will allow you to delete or edit any journals pre-dating this.

I just enter a new lock date and that will rectify?

Yes, or delete it entirely.

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