How do I give my End of Year Journal a Name?

Having used the automatic End of Year Process to create an EoY Journal I’ve made several attempts to give it a name without success. The dialogue box tells me that I can’t save the change I want to make (giving the journal a name) because the period in question is locked. I’ve tried changing that but I’m still told I can’t do what I want to do. I’ve also tried deleting the journal and redoing it!

Can anyone help please?

I don’t think you can actually change the name of the Year End Journal

Thanks. Curiously I used the same process at the end of last year and have given the journal an accounting period as its name - At the moment I don’t seem to be able to have anything other than the EoY automatically generated reference number.

I think you can only rename the most recent journal. Once it has been created you can go back in and edit the journal, you can then add the name here:

In the future we plan to just allow journal names to be edited dynamically in the main table. We already do this for invoices and more recently bank transactions.

Thanks. That does appear to be working now - It wasn’t on Friday Afternoon! :relaxed:

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Yes it wasn’t anything you were doing, it appears the last y/e journal was getting incorrectly locked. It was fixed on Friday.

:smiley: Thanks again

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