How do I restore from a backup?

Hi QuickFile People,

Having omitted to follow the correct QuickFile year end procedures just recently, the firm of accountants we use and I have collectively managed to mess up our QuickFile accounts database! The accountant reckons he can probably correct the situation via manual journaling but, because he is not that familiar with QuickFile, he has requested that I organise a snapshot backup of the database, so that we can restore back to the current position, should the need arise.

Knowing that the QuickFile backups we receive via email are basically csv files, which probably does not represent a readily useable QuickFile restore medium, I am wondering if there might be an alternative backup/restore facility available as a one off, even if it were to be provided on a chargeable basis by your systems administrators?

Any assistance/advice you could provide would be very gratefully received.

Kind Regards,

Steve Tomalin

We don’t support the ability to restore from a backup. There are many reasons why but it essentially boils down to being technically very difficult to achieve in a multi-tenanted system like Quick File. You can however use journals to correct previous mistakes, you can also freely delete most items providing they are not locked within a closed accounting period or VAT return.

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