How do i see a VAT return when its not coming up on the list?

After submitting my vat return different the prgramme said it hadn’t gone through but i received confirmation from HMRC. Then the screen that came up had different dates and therefore different figure so know i don’t know if the right one was submitted or not. HMRC have confirmed that they have received it but don’t have the figures yet and the programme isn’t coming up showing that any returns have been submitted, hos d i see what return has been submitted?

Hi @johnnystross

When did you submit the return through QuickFile? If it went through successfully, it should show on the system and therefore on your list.

If you could also confirm your account number, I’ll happily see if I can dig a bit deeper for you.

its not showing on th system but i received a confirmation email & hmrc confirmed they have received it. 6131477856

Hi @johnnystross

We did experience a few problems last night around 9pm so we needed to manually refresh this. We’ve done this on your account so it should now appear.

Please can you confirm this is all OK?