How do I unlock transactions (which have been locked by a VAT return)?

I rolled back a VAT return. The submission seems to have locked the related transactions but the roll back did not release them, from what I see. How do I release the transactions so I can resubmit the VAT return.

Hi @L2KL

I’ve partially answered this in your other topic here

Normally when you rollback a VAT return it will unlock the transactions/invoices (depending on what VAT scheme you are on). Is this not the case?

If you’re still seeing locked transactions you believe should be unlocked because of the rollback, are you able to give me any examples please and I’ll take a closer look?

Hi. Thank you. Yes, not unlocked. If you can see our transactions? e.g. Purchase: #QF00001 and Purchase: #QF00002 were part of the May 2016 VAT return, they dont appear when I try to recreate the May VAT return.

I’ve just taken a quick look. You’re set up for the cash accounting scheme, and there are no transactions on your account which is why it’s returning zero results.

If these invoices were marked as paid (they’re currently unpaid), then they would be included.

Thank you so much.

I just set QF00001 to Paid but it still does not show in the VAT report. Sorry for this. What have I not done?

The thing to double check is the dates. Does the date of the transaction sit in the VAT return period? Is so, it should be included. If not, then it will be on it’s relevant return.

So a transaction dated 01/05/2016 will come into May’s return (upto 31/05/2016), but a transaction dated 02/06/2016 would come into the next return.

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