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How do you amend a sales payment date?


How do you amend the payment date of a sales invoice please?

Hi @yrtcmp,

If you go into the invoice there is an option at the top to Modify Invoice

If you click that option it will open up the invoice where you can edit the date, amounts etc.


Have you managed to amend the date?

Please let me know if you still need help :slight_smile:

Hi Beth,
Yes, date amended thank you. The VAT return is now good to go. Does the payment of the VAT to HMRC work the same as it did when we did it directly with them? i.e. we had it set up to be paid via bank transfer. This is the first time that we have submitted a return via Quickfile so we are unsure how it works.

Hi @yrtcmp,

That’s fab, yes it should work the same way - however to be sure you may be best to contact HMRC to check that the payment details are still in place.

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