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How does later entry effect vat return


We have just moved over to Quickfile from the previous accounting package that was not MTD.

We submitted our previous Vat return in April manually but I have just found a March invoice that was missed, if I enter it into Quickfile as a March entry will it adjust the Vat for my next return


Hi @Knitting4fun

As the invoice is before the current period, it will simply be pulled into the next return for you so it won’t be missed.

However, as always, just double check the calculations from the backing report just to be sure it’s there.


Thanks so much, I though it would be the case but as its new software that Im having to get used to I wanted to make sure,

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Can you just explain the backing report


On the VAT return screen there’s a button to “Download Calculations”. This is a CSV file (which can be opened with spreadsheet software such as Excel).

This will give you the totals of the boxes from the return, and show how they were calculated (e.g. what invoices and payments were used).

What you would expect to see here, is the earlier invoice being included.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


On the Vat return screen all that is showing is past returns and nothing else?



Hi @Knitting4fun

Let me send you a private message just to be sure everything is set up and working correctly here.

Please look for a green notification in the top right corner shortly.