How to add a xls doc to tagged item

HI Guys
Anybody know how to add a xls doc to tagged item.
I followed docs but it does not recognise it se here

You can just continue as you would normally. The message says it can’t display a preview because of the file type but the file can still be attached to an invoice. But it still works. I do it with time sheets and things.

Not sure if your aware but you can upload screenshots directly to the forum too.

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It keeps saying create a new purchase but i do not want to as i have a transaction already tagged that i need to add it to .

Go to the invoice for that item, scroll down a bit. There is a section for attachments where you can add one (it’s quite small) by uploading it from your device.
Hope this helps

OK i don’t see it let me explain to help you guys to help me.
I have a payment into my Current Account from an eBay, which is tagged, and it is a transfer to a Merchant Bank i have setup.
I need to attach the the xls file to the tagged deposit in my current account to show the breakdown of the deposit as it made up of sales and fees.

Hi @Osopolar

Files can only be attached to sales invoices, purchase invoices, estimates and purchase orders.

They can’t be attached to bank transactions, unfortunately.

You would enter the sales and fees as sales invoices and purchase invoices, alongside a holding account.

There’s more information on this, including a little video, here: Handling payments from merchant accounts

The invoice shows several sales and several fees on 1 report.
How can i apply 1 report to 10 transactions seems exceptionally long winded?
I saw the video yesterday, but it is not like eBay Managed Payments
What i mean is i get a weekly payment lump amount into Current account.
I also have a feed from eBay MP but that can i have 10 to 20 individual fees connected to the lump sum. How do i attach the xls to cover all them in an efficent way?

There are different ways of doing it, unfortunately, no one is relay efficient but correct. Except, and that is how I do it, I don’t upload invoices for the fees. I keep a record (the invoice from them) offline. When hmrc is asking for that then I can show it, that’s okay for hmrc. You could also show your ebay account. There is not really a need for uploading it as long as you can show/proof everything.
But if you want to be very correct then you have to upload the invoice from ebay to every fee transaction which arrives in your ebay feed and belongs to that particular invoice. Because this invoice contains those transactions that means you have to upload it to every invoice.
You could also delete all the ebay fees from your feed, enter a lump sum each time you get a invoice, tag it to an supplier (ebay) invoice and upload a photo or file to that lump sum invoice.

All your sales minus the fees should be the money you get on your current account. If you have a bank feed, this amount will come in automatically. If not enter that amount or upload a csv file. Tag that amount as a transfer between accounts and click your ebay merchant account. That should level out your ebay account.

Hope this helps

I was previously with Xero & Linked my Books which was expensive and only worth it it if you’re a big seller. Hence my move to QF which is exceptionally good from what i have seen.
But my previous suppliers they had IMHO a better way of dealing with eBay MP.
You linked a set of fees and sales available in MP from the eBay API feed and mapped it to Chart of Accounts relevant areas. Then when a payment was dropped in your bank it had an attached invoice covering everything.
This is a better way to deal and streamline the process and could be done inside QF. This would attract many eBay sellers as well over to QF. I am going to suggest it for them to look at.

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