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How to add / declare purchase of wrist watch and other items

Hey all.
We hope you are keeping well.

As part of our social media side of promoting our business we wish to purchase some props for some videos we are making to go onto Youtube to advertise our company and the products we offer.

The video will be very rap star style with luxury cars (we are borrowing for free), and some bling jewellery, replica weapons etc etc.

Not to everyone’s tastes, and possibly not describing well enough for some to approve.
BUT that is not the point of this post.

Some items like the fake gold teeth grills, wrist watches etc have to be purchased as we are using as replicate props rather than buying the real items which are very expensive and unnecessary to have for essential a video.

How do we log a payment of say the wrist watch on quickfile (value for argument sake is £145 inclusive of taxes and delivery from outside the UK).

What category would we use for example and so on?

Before you find the category to place them in. What has your accountant advised as to whether the high item “props” are an allowable business expense? What happens to the watch after you finished the video? Do they get locked away never to be seen again or are they given to someone to wear?
How much are these items costing?

The point I’m making is they may not even be an allowable expense to begin with.

Please seek advice from an accountant, when they confirm they are allowable we can then proceed with where it should go.

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