How to allocate part purchase invoice to bank

I made a purchase through paypal without realising that part of the payment came from my paypal account.

I generated a purchase invoice and paid it:

  1. 10.78 paid from bank account
  2. 2.09 paid from petty cash (commented as paypal payment)

I cannot find a way allocate the part invoice 10.78 to bank account.
Trying to tag the 10.78 it isn’t found.

Hi @fopetesl

If you’re tagging the transaction from the bank account side, you can select the "Pay down multiple invoices or hold on account:

This will allow you to specify a supplier name directly and assign it to an invoice of a different value.

Hope that helps.

OK, thank you.
It seems necessary to refresh page to see the transaction complete successfully.

Do you mean after selecting the invoice? This shouldn’t be the case.

Would you mind giving me a few steps to replicate the issue on my side please?

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