How to Apply HTML Snippet to Multiple Invoices


I have just joined the community and am having trouble applying HTML Snippets to multiple sales invoices.

The person who did this previously had setup a CSV file so that we can import the data to create say 236 invoices every 6 months. We also have an HTML Snippet setup which gets cloned each time so that we can append relevant additional information.

When I import the CSV data the required draft invoices get created and I am able to view these, however it seems like I have to go into each one individually to add supplementary pages and select a template (i.e. the HTML Snippet). Is there a way to do this for multiple invoices as I don’t see any option for this on the Invoice Customisation screen?



Hi @steve5

At the moment we don’t support bulk-editing or adding of supplementary pages, unfortunately.

However, you’re welcome to create a #feature request for this if you wish and we can monitor the interest in this going forward.

OK, thanks for confirming.

At least I now know that it’s not something I am missing.

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