How to apportion multiple accounts on same transaction?

For a business run from home, how do I apportion internet usage between business and home in the accounts? The bill is £35 monthly, and £25 monthly is to be paid by the business with the remaining £10 paid as a repayment to the directors loan account. I could sort it out with the double entry bookkeeping, but how does it get entered into quickfile please?

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The way I deal with things like this is to have a virtual “combined payments” bank account. Put just the business portion of the expense on the invoice in QuickFile, tag the bank transaction of £35 as a transfer to combined payments, then pay the £25 invoice from combined payments, and add a £10 transfer from combined payments to director loan (or in my case to drawings, as a sole trader) to balance things out.

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Thank you Ian, thats similar to what I was thinking.

I was considering paying the whole £35 from the business and simply taking £10 from the current account to the directors loan. But then it would show up as a combined payment. Do you know if it is needed to show the combined part as part of the accounting?

I suppose you could get the same net effect by just making the whole £35 a transfer to director loan and then pay the £25 invoice from director loan. Then you don’t need the extra virtual account. Or delete the £35 transaction from the bank account and replace it with separate £25 and £10 transactions that you tag separately (though that breaks the 1-1 correspondence between QuickFile’s view and your bank statement, which is why I prefer the virtual account method).

However you tag it, the important point is to only include the business portion of the expense on the QuickFile invoice - you don’t want non-business expenses to go into your profit/loss report.

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