How to assign a credited prepayment to an invoice


I invoiced a client last year where they overpayed by £22. I credit that amount to the client account and now it appears as a prepayment under Sales > View Clients > Client > Account Balance At A Glance.

I want to invoice the client for something else and wanted to know how to assign the £22 credit to the invoice so the payable amount of the invoice is less by £22.

I’ve created the invoice but can see an option to assign the £22 credit and can’t find anything in the help.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi @BharatK,

If you go into the invoice you should see the following buttons at the top:

Select Log payment - there should then be a little tickbox at the top if *Apply from credit" this will only appear if there is a credit.

If you select this you can then allocate the prepayment to the invoice.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hello @QFBeth,
Thank you for the quick reply. I appreciate it.

However, I haven’t sent the invoice yet (it’s a draft) and I wanted to deduct the prepayment of £22 from the invoice before it was sent and paid. That way the client sees the invoice value minus the deducted £22 which then shows a lower total on the invoice for the client to pay.

Your suggestion seems to be OK after the invoice has been issued to the client where I can perhaps separately inform the client of the reduction, but the invoice itself has no record of the £22 deduction or a reduced total and so the client could pay the full value of the invoice.

So, is it possible to deduct the prepayment from the invoice before it’s sent and for the invoice total to show the reduced value?

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You should be able to do the above method even when the invoice is at draft stage. I think the only other way to show the deduction would be to add a comment line? or you could issue the invoice with a statement to show that they had £22 less to pay?

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Hello @QFBeth,
Thank you… yes you can use your suggestion on a draft and an amount paid for the prepayment appears on the invoice, with a reduced total balance.
Have a great day,

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