How to correct entries and tagging

I’m new to QuickFile, but experienced with other online accounting. I’m struggling to easily correct my clients entries/tagging e.g. to change the nominal code it has gone to. Am I looking in the wrong place? What’s the best way to do it on Quickfile?

On other systems you can usually click on transactions which drills down to the original entry that can be amended.


Has your client been directly tagging from the bank to a nominal code? If this is the case all you would do from the bank is click the green tagged button, this would reveal the code the transaction is tagged to, you can then just detag and retag accordingly.

If you click the tagged button and it shows an invoice number, you can drill down on to that invoice click the ‘Modify’ button and change the category (nominal code) it was assigned to.

Hope that helps!


If there was a way of detagging and retagging directly from the reports, that would save a lot of time: noting details, going to bank, searching for transaction).

Or even filtering the bank transactions by nominal account, like you can on Wave Accounting. That would make our job much easier.

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