How to correct the rejected VAT retutrn

Hi, to
I’ve tried to submit my first VAT return via quickfile but it has been rejected saying the VRN was not found.

VAT number is corect but I realisd that I have put the wrong date in the box
Instead of start dtae 01/06/2019 I put 01/05/2019

Email received from HMRC - “The submission for reference 319482975 was received on 14/09/19. Unfortunately it could not be accepted as it failed HMRC data checks.”

How do i correct my VAT return and resubmit

Thanks Anil

Hi @Anil,

You will need to go into the VAT return on quickfile and Roll it back (there is an option at the bottom of the return).

This will then unlock the transactions from a VAT return to enable you to run a new one with the correct dates

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