How to create new purchase based on another purchase?


I want to create a new purchase record based on another purchase record (from the history). I’m looking for some “clone” or “copy” or “duplicate” feature. Is it possible?


Hi @pavelknapp,

If you go in to the invoice you want to copy then at the top if you select more options you will be given the option to make a copy


Hope this helps

Hi, thanks! It works.
It’s not possible directly from the list of all purchases?

Hi @pavelknapp,

No, you’d need to go into the invoice you want to copy



Apologies, my mistake @Lurch is correct, you need to click on the status arrow to chose the option to create a copy. You can’t bulk copy though. You can still only do one at a time

@Lurch - thanks.
@QFBeth - uff, the place of this feature is a little pointless. Why is it hidden under “payment status”? :-1:

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Hi @pavelknapp

A few years back, it was under a separate button, but following user feedback and testing it was combined to help streamline the interface and make it clearer.

However, we always welcome feedback, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any suggestions

Hi, it’s easy: related functions should be in the same place. Don’t mix unrelated features - “payment status” and copy function, why? Copy is related with delete, edit etc., not with payments.

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