How to deal with fractions of a penny - cannot use more than 2 decimal places?

I work for a client who pays mileage at a rate of 35.7p per mile, so I tried to enter a unit rate of 0.357, but the system rounded it to 2 decimal places which increased the amount and that isn’t acceptable. What’s the neatest workaround? Is it possible to adjust the system so that 3dp are allowed?

You can’t use 3dp on prices, but you can use 4dp on quantity (which has recently been introduced). You could swap the fields around I suppose as a work around (enter 0.375 or similar in quantity and enter how many miles in value). It would still calculate correctly.

Alternatively, you could put “Charged @ 0.375” in the description, and just put the total in the price field, and quantity to 1.

Normally you would just enter the total and the denomination in the description field. e.g.

Description: 55 miles @ 35.7p per mile.
Total: £19.64


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