How to diarise for issuance of a balance Invoice when a deposit Invoice has been issued

Hi I’m new to Quickfile and looking for a way to diarise/prompt me to Issue a final balance Invoice, having already issued an Invoice for the deposit to my customer. As we are a venue styling business, deposits are taken months or sometimes a year prior to the event and the final balnce payment doesnt fall due until 2 months or so before the date. It would be even better if I can also trigger Invoices for stage payments during the time leading up to the event. I have currently overloaded my brain with the other features of Quickfile and can’t think of a solution (if one exists). Can anyone assist. Thanks Ken

You may be able to get away with using a recurring invoice? You can set the start date to when you want the final balance invoice to be raised and just set the frequency to 1, that may work for you!

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