How to do a Bulk purchase entry in a foreign currency

I would like to use the bulk purchase entry tool for some of our overseas suppliers however their invoices are in a foreign currency and the bulk tool does not allow me to change the currency and let the system convert into GBP using Xe etc… For example I have 20 invoices in NZD, I would like to enter these using the bulk purchase entry tool however can not as the one thing I can not modify is the currency even though it is there it does not have a pencil next to it for modifying. Any idea’s on how to get round this issue?

At the moment you cannot use the ‘Bulk Purchase Entry’ for foreign currencies, although you can use the copy invoice button from the supplier’s ‘Invoice Management’ area to copy the first invoice and then update the details for quicker entry of subsequent invoices:

I have updated the category of this thread to a ‘Feature Request’.

Thanks Joe,
This is quicker, hopefully some time in the near future this option to modify the currency will happen, especially with Euro and USD being used so much buy overseas suppliers.