How to file received invoices against transactions?

I have received an invoice from a supplier and I have paid it
the transaction shows in my bank feed and when I tag it as a purchase, it makes me create an invoice for it. I don’t understand why this is happening - I have received an invoice from a supplier, why would I ever need to create an invoice on behalf of a supplier? so it’s created an invoice with an arbitrary invoice number and not the details on the invoice I’ve received

I cannot figure out what I’m supposed to do to file the received invoice against this transaction, and the knowledge base doesn’t seem to have anything about this either for some reason? it’s vey confusing

The date that your supplier invoices you is not necessarily the same as the date when you pay them. Therefore the two aspects are represented separately in QuickFile:

  • the “purchase invoice” (or more commonly just “purchase” in the user interface) represents the invoice that the supplier sent you. It records what you bought, how much you owe the supplier, and how much of that amount was VAT (if you’re VAT registered). It should be dated to match the date of the supplier’s invoice
  • the “payment” represents when you settled your debt to the supplier, and it should typically be dated to match the date the money left your bank account

The workflow I usually adopt is

  1. when I receive an invoice from a supplier, I send it to the Receipt Hub (either by emailing it in, if the invoice was sent to me by email, or by scanning the paper invoice and uploading the scanned file)
  2. I tag the invoice in the receipt hub to create a QuickFile “purchase” record, with the supplier name, date, gross amount and VAT total taken from the supplier’s invoice. I do not tick the “paid” box at the bottom at this stage, unless the payment won’t come from the business bank account (if I paid with cash out of the till or with my own personal card rather than the business one)
  3. when the payment appears on the bank account, I tag that as “payment to a supplier” - if the amount matches an unpaid purchase invoice then rather than prompting to create a new purchase it will let you assign the payment to the unpaid purchase.

This way the purchase record matches the supplier’s invoice date, and the payment matches the bank account transaction date.

okay so if I understood correctly, the mistake I was making was tagging the transaction first and then trying to attach the received invoice to that - instead I need to upload the received invoice first and then I can tag the transaction to it?

You can do it either way around - the receipt hub will let you attach the supplier invoice to an existing purchase - but if you create a purchase invoice at the point of tagging the bank transaction then the purchase date will be set to the payment date and you’ll have to go and post edit the purchase if the supplier’s invoice has a different date.

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