How to 'Flag Invoice as Sent' after making a partial payment

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For some reason I am unable to ‘Flag Invoice as Sent’ when I have added a part payment to an invoice.
If there has been no part payment added the ‘Flag Invoice as Sent’ option appears fine.

What do I have to do in order to enable this option please?
Also is there any way of pdf(ing) or printing a copy of the part payment out please?

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Once it is part paid then status would be part paid not sent
If you go on client and click on view icon you can see all invoices, all payments, statements and print them too

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SENT status just means the invoice has been issued but no payment has been made. As @Accountant mentions “paid in part” is the correct status. The balance of what is due will show on your dashboard and debtor control account.

Thanks both for the reply - I think that I was getting myself slightly confused as I did not want to email the customer but wanted to create a pdf of the invoice that I could save on my hard drive.
I assumed that if you ‘Flag Invoice as Sent’ then the PDF button that is visible in the Video Tutorial would appear between the Send and Log Payment buttons and I could then create the required PDF.
On closer inspection it looks like the PDF button has been replaced with Print and once you click on there you have the option to save it anyway.

Many thanks for your prompt reply though.

Yeh you got it! You can get a PDF invoice irrespective of it’s status. There have been a few updates to the interface since that video was made.