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How to get more credit card feeds?

Hello, just looking into setting up automated feeds. couple of quick questions:

  • Does the £15 fee cover all the feeds for one power use account? i.e. not a new feed for each bank account or credit card feed.
  • We use multiple credit cards within the business and only one (Halifax) is currently supported. How do we get other credit cards (Tesco, Virgin, Amex) to become available with automated feeds?
  • How do we check if a CC provider is compatible with QF feeds?

Many thanks

Hi Susiec,
The £15 +vat feed charge is for one account and you can have as many feeds as you want, as long as they are supported and only one feed per bank. But for some banks you can have saving acc, current acc, credit cards and so on, as long as they are all under one login.
The power user subscription (£45 +vat) is something different and does not include open banking feed. The feed is a separate subscription.

Here is a list of supported banks and accounts:

Hi @Susiec,

Further to what @rhc has said the bank feed is through Open Banking, more banks are integrating with this so in time more may be covered.

If you are unable to set up the automatic feed with all of your Credit cards then there is an option to upload statements which will save you having to input each individual transaction. Depending on how much time you spend updating your account you could leave this and do it once a week/month downloading your statements from your online banking account

Hope this helps

Hi, thanks for prompt responses.
rhc - that’s what I thought but wanted to double check I was reading it right.
QFBeth - yes that’s what I already do and I tend to do it quarterly, some CC are not used much but others a lot and the need to modify the columns prior to importing just leaves us open to human error (usually mine!).
Do I need to get in touch with the CC providers to encourage this? Do we just ask when they will be integrating with Open Banking? is that right jargon to use?

Hi @Susiec,

You can certainly try! I’m not sure how much attention they will pay though. At the moment its only the bigger banks but even some of those have taken their time

Thanks, good to know.

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