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How to link two QuickFile accounts

Please Note: The account linking feature described in this guide is being replaced by a new invoice import process. Further details can be found here.


QuickFile allows you to link your account to another QuickFile account in a "Supplier >> Client relationship". This means that the supplier can post invoices that automatically appear as purchase invoices in the client’s QuickFile account. The benefits of this setup is covered in the article “[Let your suppliers do your bookkeeping for you][1]” but in a nutshell means that the client doesn’t need to re-key all the invoices issued by the supplier.

I want to link with my supplier

If you are the client and you want your supplier to post invoices as purchases directly to your account you can initiate this from the supplier detail screen. Find the supplier in question and click on the box to invite the supplier to connect with you.

You will be prompted to enter the e-mail address of your supplier, and this will allow us to check if the supplier already has a QuickFile account.

If the supplier doesn’t have an account you can send a link for them to register a new account. If they follow this link you will automatically be created as their first client and any invoices they raise for you will get automatically entered into your account.

If the supplier already has a QuickFile account then you will now be able to send an invitation to them to connect by e-mail. You will be notified when the supplier clicks this link and accepts the invitation.

I want to link with my client

When your clients log into their control panel for any invoices you issue them, QuickFile will scan to check if they already have a QuickFile account for their business. If a QuickFile account is found under the same e-mail address then they will be presented with the option to link accounts. All they need to do is confirm their password.

Once linked the sales invoices you create will be posted directly as a purchase invoice in their QuickFile account.

Revoking or deleting permissions

It is up to the client to revoke or delete any previously granted permissions for the supplier to post invoices into their account. Within the supplier record with whom the link exists a box will appear as follows.

Here you can toggle the ability to post invoices on or off. By clicking the cross in the bottom right you can permanently delete the link all together.

Mapped invoices

Any invoice that is posted from a supplier account will be marked as such, this is referred to as a 'Mapped Invoice'.

Any changes that the supplier makes to the invoice will feed through to the client. If as the client you want to break this link (just on the invoice) you can do so on the invoice preview screen.

Just click the button “Revoke ownership of this invoice”.


Linking client and supplier accounts is a quick and simple way to cut out much of the duplication inherent in bookkeeping. Linking clients and suppliers means that one invoice gets keyed in just once, and that’s a 50% increase in efficiency!
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