How to make an adjustment to Client balance

I have entered a back log of invoices into Quickfile (these were done manually in another system). Now that thI have caught up, my client appears to have a credit balance on the account. This is not the case and I must have missed something somewhere but I have no time to sift through every last thing to locate what is wrong. I have received the money from my client so that is fine, but as they have online account access I don’t want them to query what the balancing invoice is for or demand refund for an overpayment that they haven’t made. Can I somehow make an adjustment to the client account to clear down this balance without causing either of these situations? If so, how? Any other suggestions to resolve this issue are warmly welcomed!

Is it just one client in credit? how much of invoices are we talking about if needed reviewing?

Just one client. Less than £50 in value, hence not really worth my time ploughing through everything.

I did a quick cursory check on your account but couldn’t find any clients with credit balances. Perhaps you’ve already located and removed it?

No, sorry, I’ve not added in all the payments received from the client yet, but from my manual records they will ultimately have a credit balance. Should I repost when I have finished updating everything, or can you give some advice on how to handle this now?

When you say manual records, is that on excel or paper based? if on excel then you can export data from QF to excel and vlookup formula can trace mismatch in no time

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