How to pay multiple invoices from supplier pre payment account


i have allocated 19 monthly payments to a suppliers prepayment account.

i have 28 invoices from the supplier and i want to use their prepayment account to pay all the invoices.

how do i do that i cant figure it out.
id like to select all the invoices from the supplier and choose to have them all marked as paid using the prepayments, rather than going into each of the 38 individually and marking them as paid


Hi @adnw,

Unfortunately you will have to do it on a per invoice basis, however you don’t have to go into each of them, you can do it from the invoice list view by clicking the status (Unpaid) and then Record a payment

the only way i can see to do that is to go into each individual invoice and then click on Log payment. This then allows me to choose Apply from credit.

from the list of unpaid invoices from this supplier i cant seem to pay them from credit?

am i doing this correct?

oh ive just found it, under the “status” heading at the top
record a payment

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