How to properly pay a Euro invoice


Does anyone know how to enter a euro invoice onto the system?

We work in GBP but i have 1 supplier in France and they have invoiced in Euros, do i just convert at todays rate or can i change the invoice to show euro. We will have to pay them from a GBP account at whatever amount our bank says means they will receive the correct amount.

When you create French supplier, you can pick default currency as Euro and once you record invoice from them, it will automatically record Exchange Rate and show in your P&L GBP amount you need to pay

Thanks for your reply, I cant see anywhere to pick the default currency. Is this on the supplier details or somewhere else.

Thank you

Found it, I had multi currency turned off in settings. Switched it on and now i can see it.

Thank you for your help

You may also find the following guide to be useful:

Invoicing in foreign currencies

Thank you, i love quickfile, the support is so quick and the system is great!

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