How to put payments on that at the end f month shows in credit

I am putting on my sales invoices and purchase invoice, part payment is made weekly different amounts, at the end of the month when i pay in more money it doesn,t allocate to the previous 3 weeks, how would i overcome this. Thank you

Hi Linda,

I’m not sure I completely understand your question. Are you saying that some of the invoices are being part paid and then when more money is paid it isn’t allocating the payment automatically? Are you able to offer a more detailed example?

Many Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, Over a month i have 4 invoices, which are part paid once a week, at the end of the month, more money is paid in,
Each week i log the payment, which then shows the invoice partial.After 4 weeks the payment made is that last invoice paid in full, but were is the overpayment
The previous 3 invoices still show partial.

Many thanks…

Hi @Linda_Blofield

I think what may be happening here is the payment is being saved as a prepayment against the client/supplier. If you view the client/supplier, you should see this in the top right corner.

If you go to the invoice you want to pay off, you can select the “Log Payment” button, and then tick “Pay from credit”. This will reduce the outstanding balance and reduce the prepayment balance against that client/supplier.

Hope that makes sense?

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