How to remove an ex employees access

Our manager has resigned and I want to remove his access to our Quickfile account, how do I do this?
Thank you

If you go into the ‘Account Settings’ menu and select the option ‘Team management’ you can delete the user from there.

Thanks for your speedy reply.

I’ve found that page but it only shows my details and asks me to update them.

When Iog in it says I’m the administrator but he set up the account for us so I’m not sure if he is too?

It says I need to log in with administrator privileges to add additional team members

Are you the administrator of the account? If you aren’t you won’t be able to modify this section. I will send you a PM to confirm your account details.

Thank you for your PM, I replied but don’t know if you got it.

The account you mentioned is correct, unfortunately the person you named as the administrator is the one we need to remove.

The message appeared, then later vanished so I was unable to reply. I’m afraid for security reasons we cannot remove the admin user from your account. We can email that individual to request authority but we cannot remove the user without their consent.

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