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How to resolve a statement import conflict with an existing payment


I am new to QuickFile so please be patient if the solution is simple.

I have an invoice generated and paid in April 2018, and tagged as paid.

Being May, I decided to upload a bank statement for CSV for April to reconcile data in QuickFile for April. I thought I may do this every month to keep up everything up to date.

When I import the bank statement, produced a conflict error as per the attached GIF.

I do not understand what it’s asking because the payment is valid both in QuickFile and the bank statement.

So do I skip this import or save it?

Thank you.



When you log a payment directly against an invoice it creates a pre-tagged transaction on the bank account. Now when you import the statement the importer sees that you’re trying to import a transaction when there’s one for the same date and amount already there.

So in this case you want to “skip”, i.e. don’t import the transaction from the statement because it is a duplicate of the one that’s already there. The “save” option would be for if the two transactions are actually different (if, say, two different customers paid you the same amount on the same day).

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That’s excellent - thank you for the clarity. It’s appreciated.


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