How To Resubmit An "Unsuccessfully Processed" VAT Return

This email has been automatically generated to inform you that a VAT Return for CTA.Marketing Ltd for the period 01/04/2015 to 30/06/2015 has been unsuccessfully processed by HM Revenue and Customs.

Reason being:

By ChRIS : The VAT Period you have entered 2015-06 for the VRN 207215934 was not found, please check and resubmit if necessary.

It appears HMRC wanted my first VAT quarter to be TWO months for some reason.
I need to change the date to 31/05/2015, recalculate, and then resubmit - but QF isn’t allowing me to do anything other than submit a VAT return next quarter.

How do I “resubmit if necessary”?

If you go into the VAT return you should see a “Rollback” button. First rollback the return and try resubmitting with the new period.

Done! Thank you for your quick reply!

As a side note, the Rollback button did appear to be what I needed, however reading the help section for it confused me and prompted my support query.

Rolling back a VAT Return

In some cases it may be necessary to roll back a VAT return. You should only do this if you have not yet sent the return to HMRC. If you have sent the return to HMRC then you should adjust out any errors in the next VAT return.

In reading this, In my mind I had ‘sent the return’, it’s just that it came back as “unsuccessfully processed” - maybe this could be added to the help section? Or even to the email… “and resubmitting if necessary by clicking the Rollback Button and editing the return.”

Many thanks Glenn. This software/service is excellent!

It’s a good point!

We’ll get this updated.

Glad to help!

The Knowledgebase passage pointed at by the OP has now been updated.


This level of service is unprecedented in ‘paid for’ software, and QuickFile is free!

Seriously, you guys rock! :smiley: :+1:

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Thank you @PAFoster, I will pass your feedback on the the team.

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