How to Return to QuickFile following a break!

I used QuickFile for about 18 months over 2014/2015. Due to time constraints, for the past 3 years, I have been using a simple spreadsheet. I am self-employed with a small business so working this way seemed fine. I now want to return to using an accounting package, with QuickFile being my preference as I have some familiarity with it but I’m not sure how I should do this, as I left things quite untidy in QuickFile before I left. Ideally, I would like to start again from the beginning. Any ideas anyone?

Hi @Lizzie

Starting from scratch may be the best way to do it given the break. And unless you do your accounts to a different date, starting in April with the new tax year may be a good opportunity to do this.

I’d be inclined to say to wipe the data from your account so everything is accurate, but you may require the data if you’ve used it in a self assessment filing for example. If you haven’t used it in a return, I would say you should be able to safely start again.

I’ve included a link below which may help with this:

This will take you through a few questions and then advise you on how to start with the account.

I hope this helps!

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